Destination Wedding Planning

Wedding Compass provides guidance and direction
not only in Toronto, but also around the world.

Destination Wedding - A perfect option for couples who wish
to host one of their most important day in their lives at a romantic location in the world.

Couples who choose this option mainly want their wedding
to be intimate. Whether it is a small wedding consisting of
less than 15 people, or up to group of 50, guests who attend
are those close to the couple: immediate family member,
close relative and friends.

People often think that destination weddings are expensive,
however it is often the other way around, as it allows you
to combine both the wedding and honeymoon in one.

Making it a special affair for everyone to remember,
you may choose to spend a few days of quality time with
friends and family before and the day after the wedding.

Afterwards, you and your significant other can spend time
alone with each other for your honeymoon. Your guests
will be able to explore the country as they are taking
a vacation as well while attending your wedding.

Destination Planning and On-site
Coordination by Wedding Compass

Services are similar to Wedding Compass
in-town service with a few extras:

1)Assist in choosing a perfect location for your wedding: From artistic wedding gazebos, the natural beauty of crystal blue waters, long white sandy beach, to the lush tropical garden.
2)To research the custom and legal aspect of the destination.
3)To coordinate all aspect of the wedding details including search for wedding vendors (excluding actual booking for flight and accommodation – which will be done by travel agent) from time our contract is signed to the end of your wedding reception.

Destination Planning and On-site
Coordination by Wedding Compass (cont.)

4)To work along with local coordinator while in Toronto and on location.
5)To be on location of your destination and execute the wedding plan on your wedding day (cost of flight and accommodation by client).
6)Assist in preparing welcome package for your guest.
7)Planning group excursion, activities.
8)Organize everything that your guests might need on the day after your wedding while you and your significant other can spend your 1st day as a newlywed together.

For further details and quote,
please contact Wedding Compass for consultation.