Events Service

Wedding Compass also plans special events such as
Baby Shower, Birthday, Galas, Dinner party,
Renewal of Vows, Bridal Shower, etc

The charge will be dependent upon the length of
time given before the event date, the services required,
and the location. Usually, all of this can be determined
through an initial 1 ½ - 2 hour meeting with
the Wedding Compass Event Consultant.

Initial Meetiong

Consultant shall meet with the client (host) to get
to know their personality and their vision, style and
needs for the event and to answer any question they
have in regards on how to start planning.
Note: Vendor referral is not included in this meeting.

Meeting (in addition to initial meeting)

This is for clients who wish to take charge of their own event
planning but need guidance in certain areas. Meeting will be
2 hours where the consultant shall assist the client in the area
that they need assistance in.
Includes 1 vendor referral in the category of client's choice.
Note: Consultant will attend vendor appointment upon
request and will be at additional charge by hourly rate.

Vendor Referral only

Consultant shall provide up to 3 vendors in the
category of couple's choice. Vendor being referred
will be based on the couple's needs and budget.
Note: Attending vendor’s appointment upon request and
will be at additional charge by hourly rate

Full Planning Service

The cost for the complete service is determined upon
completion of the initial meeting.
(minimum charge may apply)

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Customized Service

Each event is unique and customized to each client's tastes.
Therefore, in addition to the package listed, we have
a Customized Package to address your specific needs.

We will work with you to pinpoint the exact things required
for your event and help you attain your goals more
efficiently and effectively.

Costs range from $50.00 per hour up to $500.00 flat rate
depending on the services required.
Please contact us for more information.