Dearest Rhonda,

I want to thank you for making my perfect wedding day come true. The entire day was everything that Ben and I wished that it would be, and we're quite certain that such a beautiful and fun day could not have been possible without you.

Your patience, support, diligence, and persistence have been unsurpassed and have been very important to making the entire process absolutely enjoyable. Your sincerity, passion, and commitment to fulfilling the needs of the bride and groom have been truly inspiring.

Many members of the bridal party commented on how great you were to work and how important it was to have you on the wedding day. Certainly, Ben and I would not have been able to enjoy our day as much or be as relaxed without you there.

But, most importantly, Ben and I are glad that we have been able to welcome a good friend to our lives who we're certain that we can always rely on. Rhonda, I wish you the best journey on your future success.

May you grant every bride and groom their perfect wedding.

Benjamin and Joanne Soong (July, 2009)