Jen and I would like to thank Rhonda and Carmen for all their help on our wedding this past weekend. Rhonda and Carmen met with us a couple times before the wedding and helped us organize EVERYTHING. They visited the sites ahead of time and helped us check all the big important items as well as the minor stuff. They provided us with planning documents and went through all the details so that we had everything prepared and ready for the actual day.

On the wedding day, Rhonda was there with the bride first thing in the morning at 6am. They helped with the Chinese tea pouring, announcing the photo taking list, facilitated the entire days itinerary, setup of the centrepieces, double checked the table seating arrangements with coordinators at the Paramount Reception Hall, gave us reminders of when the speeches and games were going to start, coordinated with the Videographer and photographer, and so much more.

They were always available near us so we could ask them questions and they were able to be our buffer to all the Vendors. They helped with all the usual bridal party tasks so that our friends were able to enjoy the wedding more as opposed to running around and working. Also Rhonda and Carmen did a much better job than what our bridesmaids would have done, as they were much more knowledgeable of how a wedding should run. Their assistance throughout the entire day was very critical in keeping the bride and groom stress free, and so we could enjoy ourselves as well.

Thanks to their organization and reminders, the whole day went very smoothly and according to schedule. And everybody had a wonderful time!

Thank you Rhonda and Carmen!!! Jen and I really appreciate all your help!!!

Ken & Jen (June, 2010)