Rhonda ensured our Wedding was a success, I couldn't of had nearly as successful wedding without her. We had the ceremony at Eaton Hall with over 100 people, the banquet with over 400 people and to top it all off the wedding had to be planned remotely since we lived in a different country. The reason Rhonda is so valuable and worth every penny because she is super organized, has excellent time management skills, contacts the vendors directly and makes them take ownership and follow-through, diplomatic, and practical. Also, you want her to take of the logistics, dealing directly with the vendors, and making sure everything runs smoothly on your Wedding Day because you have enough to do and your relatives may not follow-through. One example is the cake arrived without a slab. Rhonda had a copy of the contract on-hand, told the delivery person to wait, called the bakery and the slab arrived before the reception. Another example is Rhonda met with us at the restaurant the Thursday night before the Wedding. She wanted to confirm the seating, menu, tablecloths, etc., with us and the restaurant's management and we discovered there was some disconnects on which table clothes and chair covers we were going to use that Rhonda double-checked. Another value-added service Rhonda provides is she is fluent in Chinese. It was very useful for effective communication with the restaurant, photographer, etc. Finally, my family, friends, and relatives keep on telling this was the best wedding ever!!!! Thank you Rhonda for making it happen.

Mike and Sue (August, 2009)