Selena and Galen~ (May, 2012)

Where do I even begin.....Anyone can plan a wedding, but itís often the execution of the planning that is extremely intricate and most vital on the big day. Looking back, we did most of the planning ourselves prior to being introduced to you, and at one point, we had doubts whether we needed a planner since everything was already pretty much in order. Reflecting back on it, hiring you was the wisest and the most life-saving decision we made!!

Your advice and suggestions along the way were extremely helpful, and your strength and abilities were proven vital once again on our big day. Without your expertise and quick thinking, I donít know how we could have managed the last minute hiccups. You kept us calm and focused in the worst case scenario possible and provided us with a last minute miracle on our big day.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate all you have done for us and how grateful we are to have you there!!

The only advice I have for all future brides and grooms is that you can plan your wedding for as long as you want and with as many back up plans as possible, but on your big day, you will not have the time or the energy to follow-up and check-up with everyone on everything. A capable wedding planner will save you the headaches, relieve your stress and keep you focused on the most important aspects of your big day. Most importantly, an experienced planner ensures that you enjoy your big day without having to worry about what maybe or have already gone wrong.

Rhonda, your ability, experience and professionalism made it possible for us to enjoy our big day despite of the chaos that took place behind the scenes. We would sincerely recommend you to anyone wishing to have a stress-free planning process and the perfect wedding day!! Galen and I cannot thank you enough for all youíve done for us!! We wish you all the very best and even greater success in your career. Giving credit where itís due, your assistant Kelly is wonderful and a pleasure to work with, and all I have to say isÖ you are truly one amazing wedding planner!!

~Luv always, Selena and Galen~ (May, 2012)