Planning your own wedding can be quite a painful ordeal when you don't know anything about it to begin with. I was lucky enough that I had 2 years to plan my own wedding, to do some major research on everything that has to do with planning the grandest wedding I can imagine that suits my personality and taste. While I have hired Rhonda to be my "day of planner" only - basically just to keep me organized, on time and to deal with unforseen mishaps that might happen on the day - throughout my 2 year long engagement, I have corresponded with Rhonda frequently through email and she helped me keep on track with my own planning. And with a major (and potentially expensive) event like a wedding, you'd want to make the right choices, and Rhonda was very helpful in helping me decide which vendors to go with when I have questions about my choices. When she hasn't worked with a particular vendor before, she'd ask her fellow associates to find out background information on various vendors for me. This helped me feel very comfortable with my final decision. You can't be totally comfortable and happy on your Big Day when you have doubts on your choices, right? I would imagine that other wedding planners might nickel and dime you for whatever amount of time they've spent on you with your many inquiries, but corresponding with Rhonda has been so easy. You feel like you have a "big sister" taking care of you every step on the way. Close to the wedding - aka crunch time - she makes sure you're "with it". And while I thought I was pretty good with my planning (and I'm pretty organized in general), Rhonda is so detail oriented and organized, that she comes up with many other little details - that are actually pretty important - that you wouldn't think of to take care of. Rhonda triple checks on my own triple checks. She calls up all my vendors to make sure every single one of them is with the program. When it's finally "Show time", Rhonda makes sure you're on track. Everything on my day went as smooth as it could be. And little issues might come up here and there, but Rhonda makes sure it's fixed without anyone noticing it. In the end, I got to have my dream wedding - the happiest day of my life - without having to worry about a single thing on my day and was able to fully enjoy it. Your own wedding day flies by faster than any other day in your life and with it being such an important day, you simply do not want to worry and just be able to take everything in at your fullest capacity. Having Rhonda as my planner is one of my most worthwhile investments for my wedding. She's such a pleasure to work with, such a sweetheart, that at the end of the day, I felt like I have one of my bestest friends by my side on my special day.

Sharon and Vinh (July, 11)